Increasing market share through creative collaboration.

Established in 2016 under the namesake of its founder, Ginna Christensen, the boutique Creative Agency focuses on working with established brands, up-and-coming makers, and individuals within the realm of art and decorative design.

GC Collaborative is creative in our approach, yet pragmatic in our implementation of ideas and strategies. Offering services including Creative Strategy, Brand Activations, Strategic Partnerships, Brand Positioning, and Public Relations, our goal is to ignite authentic growth, enrich people's lives and help organizations succeed.


Are you relevant?

One of the biggest challenges we see businesses facing today is, how do we stay relevant, keep our clients engaged, attract a new and younger clientele, and address the new meaning of luxury? 

As reflected in our company name, we are collaborators. We specialize in answering these difficult questions in a way that produces increased revenues, attracts new clientele, and creates an emotional connection between brand, employee, and client.


We realize our greatest success when we combine our efforts with the efforts of others.

By seeking out and attracting clients who share our creative values, we are able to work in collaboration with those who value influence over manipulation, innovation over mediocrity, authenticity over trendy tag lines, and who believe in making art – whatever the canvas may be.